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Cozying Up to Fall: Easy How To’s to Update Your Home for the Season

Hello Fabulistas!

We know it’s still pretty hot out there (depending on which area of the country you are reading this from!), but these early September days mark one of my favorite times of the year—the barest hint of chill and briskness in the mornings and evenings that signal the transition to cooler weather. Plus, it’s actually pleasant to drink your morning coffee outside, now that the sweltering heat of summer is finally receding!

Image shows an autumn Adirondack scene, trees on either side of water in mostly green, with tinges of reds and yellows scattered throughout. Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash.

Perfect Palette: Let Mother Nature be your guide in choosing the best fall colors.
Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash.

Choose Autumn Hues

It’s remarkably easy to refresh your home with autumn hues, especially when there are so many gorgeous shades to choose from! As you are all probably aware at this point, orange is my very favorite color, so I’m a bit partial…That doesn’t, however, stop me from drawing on the rest of nature’s glorious hues. In addition to orange, I love to include fiery reds, rich rusts, gorgeous golds and umbers and a variety of greens that mimic the beauty of changing leaves.

Take a peek at my Refined Orange Palette (created with Sherwin-Williams paint colors) for a little fall inspiration. While orange is the dominant color here, feel free to choose your favorite autumnal hue to begin your seasonal makeover at home.

6 swatches of colors with their Sherwin Williams numbers and color names

Burnt and spicy oranges mingle with bright whites and grounding grays.

Rethinking Texture

A quick and effortless redo (with a minimal amount of hassle!) revolves around rejuvenating your textiles with a season-approved formula. Swap out the crisp linens and cool, airy cottons of summer for cozy-luxe faux fur throws and pillows.

An open window sill, painted white, with a furry white pillow sitting next to the open window. A red pillow sits next to the window, in front of it a mug filled with hot chocolate, a lit candle, some matches and a matchbook, a book, and some window plants. Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash.

Lush textures create a warm, inviting environment.
Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash.

Anything with a more substantial, warmer texture will work: chunky knits, heavyweight boucles and soft flannels and wools. I love a good faux fur throw and think they are a wonderful addition to any fall décor; mainly because they are so yummy to snuggle up with on cooler nights. This small, subtle shift in texture goes a long way to evoking that certain coziness and nesting-at-home feeling we all crave.

Product silo picture of small and large Rimpel Vases, orange with a wide brim that rising out of a narrow neck, ribbed edges detailing the side of the vases.

The sculptural style of the Rimpel Vases lends itself to statement vignettes.

Reaping the Bounty of Fall Harvest

Making the most of your fall makeover comes down to a single word: vase. I like to think of vases as a starting point to creating your own mini vignette or art installation. Look for vases of varying sizes and shapes to create the best visual statement; you can’t go wrong mixing and matching tall and short, thin and fat designs. Any type of sculptural vase will do the trick! Next, fill your vases with fall’s bounty: twigs, branches, berries, etc.

If you have an open plan kitchen, you have the perfect showplace to create an artistic arrangement, but any place in your home will do. Be creative with your styling; your arrangements need not be uniform. If anything, putting a single sprig of berries in one vase and a branch in the next ensures a centerpiece worth gazing upon.

To create an even more spectacular arrangement, choose from seasonal fruits and vegetables for an organic feel. I love to group pumpkins, gourds and squash—either in a ceramic bowl or on a flat surface—to showcase the spoils of the season.

A organically shaped wooden dining table is bordered by a number of orange upholstered chairs and a white bench with stripes of orange and gray. In the background, a white counter with stools, and a number of decorative accessories sit on top, with a kitchen in the background.

Mix orange, gray and white with a variety of textures for rich, cozy appeal.


To recap, all you need to create a fresh-and-cozy fall atmosphere at home is to pick the very best from Mother Nature’s palette, layer in some soft and substantial texture and, finally, forage in your own backyard for the most incredible organic arrangements. Be prepared to fall in love!




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