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Feathering Your Nest: Renovating at Home for the Empty Nester

Greetings, Fabulistas!

With the end of summer approaching, your children may be headed off to college, and you might find yourself an empty nester. With these life changes occurring, it’s time to reclaim your home and renovate for this new and exciting chapter in your life. As I always say, confidence begins at home!

The Blomma Mirror, a golden mirror with an ornate border surrounding a small mirror.

Try a statement mirror to elevate your style.

Renew, Refresh and Revitalize

Now that your home fully belongs to you, take some time to think about the kind of sanctuary you want to create. You may want to upgrade accessories and furnishings to give your interiors a makeover—designing a space that is chic, cozy and comfortable (and all for you!).

I also recommend envisioning how your life will change now that the kids are gone. Will you be doing more entertaining? Will you be hosting lots of cocktail parties or dinner parties? Answering these type of questions will naturally lead you in the right direction towards how you should focus your design upgrades.

Also, since you now have more empty space at home, is there a private space you have wanted for yourself? This is the time to create a yoga or exercise room or even an art studio, if that’s your desire. It’s all about your needs now and how your home can work for you to make you feel happy, refreshed and confident.

An elegantly decorated room in soft golds , neutrals and whites. A sofa is on the left, with a side table next to topped with decorative accessories. Two arm chairs, with an accent table between them, complete the room.

Golden neutrals and shades of white from my Gold Glow Palette create a chic, sophisticated aesthetic.

Pick Your Palette

Now that there’s no one to argue with about color choices, a color refresh is one of the simplest ways to completely change the look of your home. While the world is your oyster when it comes to color choices, I recommend drawing inspiration from my Gold Glow Palette with Sherwin-Williams!

This calm and tranquil palette blends golden neutral tones with white for an earthy, serene effect. It’s remarkably effortless and easy on the eyes, and, I might add, very grown-up!

Image of color swatches compromising the Gold Glow palette.

The Gold Glow palette. Refresh your interiors with this calming palette.

Repurposing the Kids' Rooms

While your children will be returning home for holidays and weekends, you now have extra rooms in the house that you can transform into spaces for you and your needs.

Do you want additional guest rooms for visiting friends (it'll be easier than ever to host again!)? If so, make these rooms cozy and chic with a comfortable bed, a bedside table and good reading lamp. High-quality bed linens will ensure that your friends have an excellent night’s sleep when they come to visit, and your children will appreciate the luxurious touches, too!

If, however, you need that space, say for a home office, you can reconfigure the room with a daybed or a sofa that converts to a bed and dress it up with pretty pillows and a throw when it’s not in use as a bedroom.

Above all, reclaim your home and make it suit the way you live today! Happy designing!!! If you’ve recently redecorated a space in your home after your kid(s) moved out, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

A geometric pattern in gold and white.

A crisp geometric motif layers in depth and texture.
Photo by Denis Kirichkov on Unsplash.




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