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Collar Me Fabulous!

It's no secret...I'm obsessed with glam jewelry! My outfits never feel complete without an oversized necklace or bangle set, and I never leave home without a ring (or two, or three) on my finger! My favorite "wow" jewelry moment these days is a collar necklace. I love putting one on top of a dress and watching my outfit completely transform. Five different collar necklaces with the same dress could make for five totally different looks! It reminds me of my philosophy about home accessories. I always say that they're just like jewelry because they create the personality and style of the room! Without them, a home could look like any other space. I'm so inspired by this idea that I thought I'd pick out five collar necklaces that I'm adoring right now, and find an accessory that matches each style! Color Pop A pop of color is my favorite way to add excitement to an outfit, or to a room!

Oversized necklace from Modcloth

Scuptural vases from Wayfair

Feathers There's something so glamorous about peacock feathers...and can you imagine having a feather lampshade? I love it!

Peacock feather necklace from Tonimay

Peacock feather lampshade, courtesy of the Weekly Wine Journal

Geometric Geometric jewelry is so in right now, and you can incorporate the look into your home without being overly edgy (pun intended!) with this fab West Elm rug!

Triangular gold necklace from House of Harlow

Wintery geometric rug from West Elm

Writing Sometimes, I want my accessories to say something (literally!) and a collar necklace is a great place to do this. I've seen it especially with monogrammed initials, but even a pillow can become a tableau for an inspirational quote!

Diamond necklace from Sydney Evan

Happiness quote pillow from Daisy Shoppe

Tribal I love tribal because it's unexpected, colorful, and fun! Give me an ethnic flair any day, whether it's a necklace or a tribal-inspired dish!

Tribal necklace from Anthropologie

Curved dish from Melt Designs

What can I say? Fashion is always inspiring me in the home...and vice versa! Share your favorite collar necklaces with me on my Facebook page, or tweet them @robinbaron!

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