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My Top Ten Stylemakers of the Moment

“Stylemaker” is one of my favorite words. I love what it suggests…that some people are so original and statement-making in their fashion or décor that they actually MAKE their own style! It’s why I’m always saying: “Find your fabulous.” I truly believe that the next great style is just a moment of inspiration away! I’m always on the lookout for celebrities who take bold leaps with their fashion choices, or ones that have a signature style that has inspired others to imitate them. Out of all of the fabulous female celebrities that I follow, here are my Top Ten Stylemakers of the Moment! Alexa Chung Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

Emma Stone

Sarah Jessica Parker Carrie Mulligan Rihanna Camilla Belle Michelle Williams

Keira Knightley Kate Bosworth

Are you inspired to make your own style? I’d love to see what you come up with! Post your photos on my Facebook wall, pretty please? Or tweet them @robinbaron!

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