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Fab Friday Icons: Diana Vreeland

Happy Friday, everyone! I decided to add a new and exciting feature to my blog: To make the last Friday of every month extra fabulous, I’ll share my fave icons of film, fashion and art. These FabFriday Icons posts will be devoted to the amazing personalities that helped shape the world we live in today!
Diana Vreeland (1903 - 1989)
Last night, I went to see “The Eye Has To Travel,” a movie about the memoirs of the fabulous Diana Vreeland. This icon, one of my earliest inspirations, was the most influential fashion editor of the 20th century. Born in Paris, (and you know J’adore Paris!), Vreeland moved to NYC during World War I and became a prominent figure in society. Working for both Harper’s Bazaar and American Vogue, she brought a new freshness to the fashion industry. Her daringly original vision encouraged society to think outside the box, be free and use imagination! What I love most about this marvelous woman is her unconventional personality that transformed fashion into what we know today. It was she who empowered women to express themselves (with bare skin and bikinis, that is!) and not shy away from being different. Not a typically beautiful woman, her seemingly perfect mother treated her like an “ugly monster,” yet, she never concealed her imperfections. Instead, she emphasized them and made them her trademark. They shaped her into the extravagant and provocative character she was known to be. She ruled the fashion world and stood behind the idea that personality and uniqueness are more important than societal beauty standards.

Diana Vreeland lived what I stand for and believe in: to find and claim your own fabulous!

Even her living room, nicknamed "Garden in Hell," expresses her striking sense of style. Talk about a pop of color... I hope Diana Vreeland inspires you as much as she has always inspired me! XoXo, Robin Photo Sources: Horst P.Horst, Hulton Archives/Getty Images, Wikipedia

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