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Bringing The Outside In: Top 10 Green Indoor Oases

Hello Fabulistas! While it doesn't feel quite like spring warm weather is right around the corner. I'm so looking forward to seeing green outside my window! I love gardening, but here in New York City there isn't much outdoor space to create a garden of my own. I've been looking into creating an indoor area where I can plant lovely things. Have you thought about this? I've put together my favorite indoor oases and today I'm sharing them with you. I can't wait to hear what you think! John Maniscalco Architecture has done a fantastic job transforming an 1895 Victorian home into a modern space with an indoor garden. Although it's an enclosed garden the glass allows you to feel that the greenery is all around you. I'd love to create something like this in my home! Bringing the outside in: top 10 indoor oases

Cube House from John Maniscalco Architecture

Although I love the Cube House, I'm attracted to this space because you really get to enjoy the oasis. By filling a corner with large trees and plants and adding a seating area you have a place to really get away. Because of the sky light you could really feel like you're outside! Bringing the outside in: top 10 indoor oases

Oasis with seating from Anne-Claire Rohe Photography

I always say, it's so important to make your home feel like YOUR home. I love the garden below because you can really see the owner's personality in the space, in the tall wooden boards, the wood chairs and the patterned pillows. It's comfortable and fabulous at the same time! Bringing the outside in: top 10 indoor oases

Creative garden from The Selby

If you don't have a lot of space, think about creating your garden in spaces that are already in use. This entry way doubles as a garden and truly brings the outside in. Not only is the entryway filled with luscious greenery, the windows allow you to see the outside, as well! Bringing the outside in: top 10 indoor oases

Home in New Mexico from My Best Interior Design Ideas

David Boyle Architect enclosed an outdoor area with a wall of glass, creating a beautiful oasis in this Sydney home. The home is split in two, with one family residing upstairs and another below. I love the enclosure of the garden because both residents get to enjoy the garden space right from their own home! Bringing the outside in: top 10 indoor oases

Sydney home from Architecture AU

A21 Studio created a chic corner garden in this Vietnam home. You may not notice it immediately, or even think it's a garden. The small collection of plants is strategically placed and brings color to a monotone room. I love the touch of life in this modern space. You can also make use of corners in your home! Bringing the outside in: top 10 indoor oases

Vietnam home from ArchDaily

Creating a small garden in a bathroom is such a FAB idea! Decorating bathrooms is always a challenge, and bringing some nature into the space is genius. A cactus garden was enclosed in glass in this Sicily bathroom.

Bringing the outside in: top 10 indoor oases

Sicily home from Dezeen

I love how Joel Sanders Architects used this small garden as a room divider, between the bedroom and living area. It's so clever! Although it's not a full wall, it definitely divides the spaces clearly and uses the plants effectively! Bringing the outside in: top 10 indoor oases

Broadway penthouse from ArchDaily

Indoor gardens don't need to be massive or cost a lot of money. I adore this make-shift garden made with just bookcases and plants. Although the others are very inspiring, this can be done quickly and easily in any home. Bringing the outside in: top 10 indoor oases

Bookcase garden from Flex Inredling

If your space (or budget) is even smaller, you can create a small little garden in any area of your home. Small planters are trending right now. Why not create a mini garden that can be placed on your coffee table or side table? You're still bringing the outside in, with a scale that fits your home. Bringing the outside in: top 10 indoor oases

Mini garden from Decor8

I'm ready to create my indoor garden using these fab inspirational ideas. Whichever direction you decide to go in, remember it's YOUR home. It should represent YOU and should make you feel your best. Bringing the outside in should be fun and exciting! I'd love to hear from you, about your new gardens!

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