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Feng Shui Chic: Office Improvement

In Feng Shui terms, wealth is not simply about the dollars we accumulate. Wealth includes all the rewards we receive in life.

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Whether your office is located in a city skyscraper or in your own suburban home, the office is the room that most represents wealth. With a bit of care and a few Feng Shui tricks, you can maximize your potential for wealth, success and happiness. Let me show you how: The goal is to create a room that will optimize the flow of energy while offering ease of use and an empowering and supportive environment. As in all things Feng Shui, we begin by eliminating unnecessary clutter. Clutter creates stagnant energy and is an impediment to the flow of chi (life force).
  • Remove all items that do not pertain to functions currently performed in your office.
  • If your office is in your home, be sure that it does not become a repository for items that have no other place in your home.
  • Regularly clean out your files and dispose of unnecessary, outdated documents, bills and letters.
  • Archive and place in storage older items that need to be held but are rarely visited.
  • Eliminate or archive digital files that are not used on a regular basis. Organize your computer desktop so that information is easily accessible.
  • As much as possible, pay bills on time and immediately file or dispose of them.
  • Stay on top of paperwork so that piles of documents awaiting action do not have the opportunity to accumulate.
  • Empty your drawers of irrelevant office supplies, such as pens that don’t write, used up checkbooks and any broken items.
  • Clear shelves and cabinets of outdated books, periodicals, catalogues and reference materials.
  • Remove all items that block floor areas such as stacks of boxes or files. There should be a good flow through the room with easy access to furnishings and storage.
  • Most importantly, constantly monitor your desk top so that only current projects reside there.
After the de-cluttering process, lets focus on the placement of the desk. Where you are sitting and working on your projects is very important when designing your office with Feng Shui.

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  • Best arrangement has the desk placed so that there is a solid, or mountain-like, influence behind. This can be a wall or a row of bookcases. It gives a sense of security and grounding.
  • An open airiness is preferred and will improve perspective and creativity. Having inspiring artwork in view enhances this effect.
  • Avoid having the desk facing a wall at close proximity. It limits perspective and produces a “dead end” feeling.
  • Having a view of the door is recommended as long as the desk is not placed directly in front of it. This creates a connection with positive incoming chi.
Lets move on to the benefit of windows...

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  • In a home office windows offer ventilation and bring fresh air into the room. This creates a healthier and more pleasant environment and increases brain activity as an added bonus.
  • Windows bring natural light into the room, stimulating creativity and a positive frame of mind. Be sure to have working shades should you need to reduce excessive sunlight (this can have an adverse effect!).
  • Having an excellent view, whether an inspiring cityscape from a high floor or an inviting garden scene in a home office, is uplifting and can greatly increase creativity and productivity by stimulating the visual centers of the brain.
  • Windows also broaden perspective by maintaining a needed connection with the world outside the office.
Lastly, and most importantly, make your office personal and positive!

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  • Portraits of family and friends remind us of why we do what we do and provide comfort during challenging times.
  • Awards and trophies represent past victories and encourage future success.
  • Include images, meaningful career memorabilia and appropriate decor items that make you feel successful, appreciated, and happy. What we look at on a daily basis manifests in our experience.
  • Mementos of past travel remind of the expanded possibilities and a larger world.
Author: Yasha Jampolsky is a Feng Shui Expert, Teacher, Speaker and Author and has appeared on national television and radio. Visit “Feng Shui Evolution” to learn more: yashajampolsky.com.

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