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Rockin' Rugs: Decorating with Patterned Rugs

Hello Fabulistas! Many of you have asked me about decorating with pattern lately. It can be difficult to use pattern in your space and make it look like it belongs. Sometimes I use patterns in upholstery or accessories, and sometimes in wallpaper. Today I want to discuss using patterned rugs. They make a great impact. So, how do you decorate with patterned rugs? If you're hesitant about using patterned rugs in your space, you can pair it with a neutral color. If you have a bold or colorful pattern combined with an all white or black room, it can look very chic! To bring some life to the space, pull a color from the rug and accessorize with it. You can do this with pillows, boxes or books. This way your rug will shine! How to decorate with patterned rugs

From Coco + Kelley

Sometimes a space calls for a large pattern, but I'm not sure I want to fill it with a lot of color. In these cases I find a distinct patterned rug in grays or other neutrals that fits my space. I like to carry the neutral color through the space with the paint color and upholstery. Doing this helps the large pattern stand out. How to decorate with patterned rugs

From Small Shop Studio via Elle Decor

Looking to add just a touch of color? Think about a patterned rug that stands out! The example below isn't completely orange, but the few orange stripes make a huge difference. The small bit of orange adds life to the space without overwhelming you with color. Stripes are classic and fit well with this linear space. I love this look!

How to decorate with patterned rugs

From Habitually Chic

When we think of patterned rugs we typically think of organic shapes. I like to mix up my spaces and use geometric patterns. You can use geometric rugs with bright colors or softer neutrals, depending on the look you're trying to achieve You know I like color, especially in the look below!

How to decorate with patterned rugs

From Flor

Looking for something a bit more in trend? There are several patterns trending now, like chevrons and ikat. I like this modern graphic pattern because it's refreshing and colorful at the same time. If you're looking to take your space from boring to current, a rug is the easiest way to do that. And the best part is, the rug can be changed when you want a new look!

How to decorate with patterned rugs

From Pinterest

If you're interested in pattern, there are several ways to incorporate it into your space and several ways to use it in a rug. Rugs can be changed often so you can continuously update your space to fit your feeling of the moment. The most important thing is to make your home feel like YOU. Pick the rug that represents your life!

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