Wavy Wooden Wonders

Maybe it’s because of my recent trip to Hawaii, but I am seeing waves!

It all started when I was checking out Global Table (as we know, I adore this place) and saw these candlesticks. There’s something so fabulously ironic about manipulating classic materials. Don’t you love the way the smooth, rigid surface of the candlesticks is contrasted by the unexpected organic shape of the design? The wood almost looks like liquid. It got me thinking…organic wooden forms are trending like crazy in home décor!

Photo Credit: Corey O’Neill

Where I’m really seeing this trend explode is in tabletop accessories and dishware. Right by the candlesticks, I found this fab wooden bowl and tear drop inspired utensils. Don’t you just love?

Photo Credit: Corey O’Neill
Photo Credit: Corey O’Neill

Michael C. Fina has some great examples of this trend in their vase collection. These are both hand-carved, and both by Donna Karan Lenox. So chic!

Photo Credit: Donna Karan Lenox, available at Michael C. Fina
Photo Credit: Donna Karan Lenox, available at Michael C. Fina

If you read last week’s post on the new Holly Hunt collection, you saw this fabulous coffee table. What a perfect example of this trend – not your average coffee table, right? I love the shape, especially how it essentially creates two tables out of one.

Photo Credit: Morgan Phillips

I have a mild obsession with bar stools, and guess what? Suite New York is on to the trend of organic wooden shapes!

Photo Credit: Suite New York

But here’s my favorite piece – this accordion side table from Wisteria. Talk about modern, fun, and functional! Not all of us have the counter space for an oversized art piece, but this one doubles as a side table!

Photo Credit: Wisteria

As we know, I love the unexpected…and I love to see that the home décor world is embracing whimsical forms and unexpected designs more and more each season!

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