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Fab Friday with Nathalie Smith

One of my favorite spots for eclectic finds is Global Table. I am constantly finding vibrant, worldly accessories there, from kitchen accents to chic dishware to animal-inspired vases. It’s a great place to stop when you’re on the hunt for something unique! Today, I have the pleasure of chatting with the woman behind it all…Nathalie Smith!
Photo Credit: Lucky Magazine
Nathalie is the perfect example of how fashion and home décor connect. Like me, she started out in the fashion world! She’s a world traveler, a Francophile, and best of all, a fabulous female. (So obviously, we had lots to chat about!) Robin Baron: Welcome Nathalie! So, you started in fashion magazines. What kind of work did you do? Nathalie Smith: I worked at Women’s Wear Daily right out of college, then moved to Glamour magazine in the footwear department and then on to Elle magazine as a stylist/fashion editor. After three years there, I went on to freelance until I opened the store.
Global Table, Photo Credit: Nathalie Smith
Global Table, Photo Credit: Nathalie Smith
RB: Do you think that there is a strong connection between fashion and home décor? NS: Yes, I do believe there is a connection between fashion and home decor. Dressing a model is similar to dressing a room. You start with the bones of the room, then add furniture and accessories, adding color and texture until it all works. There are trends in home decor as well as in fashion - but the best rooms are timeless, just as the best of fashion, in my opinion, is built to last, but is always updatable and made fresh by changing accessories. RB: What led you to make a career change? NS: I made the jump from employee to store owner after having worked for ten years at magazines. I was eager to start my own business and became less enchanted with the capricious aspects associated with the business of fashion. I love tableware, and love giving dinner parties with a beautifully set table, so this was a natural segue.
Photo Credit: Nathalie Smith
RB: What inspired you to create Global Table? NS: I started the store when I noticed that a lot of editors were lugging heavy ceramics back from shoot and show destinations. There seemed to be a need for globally sourced, chic tableware, so I opened the store focusing on that. RB: How do you find your products? NS: I find products by travelling and now that I've been around for 15 years, artists come to me with their work.
Recycled carafe and glasses from Spain, Photo Credit: Nathalie Smith
Salt Dishes from Australia, Photo Credit: Nathalie Smith
RB: What has been your favorite travel destination? NS: My favorite travel destination is probably France. My mother is French, and I have spent a lot of time there and have family there. I love to eat, and have travelled all over the country, eating and drinking delicious food and wine. From the store perspective, I loved Japan. The clean lines and beautiful materials and glazes of their ceramics are very appealing to me. I love the way they use many different vessels during a meal for lots of different dishes. The table is replete with different bowls and plates, all with a unique character, by the time everything is served.
Hermit bowl set, Photo Credit: Nathalie Smith
Ikat dinnerware, Photo Credit: Nathalie Smith
RB: How would you describe your own home décor? NS: My home décor is eclectic. I have collected things from tag sales, eBay auctions and various travels that blend in with new things to create a comfortable space that is not precious. I have a two and a half year old son, and until recently two dogs, so everything has to be durable and functional. I use paint to define space - a red wall in my living room, a chocolate brown wall in my office.
Nathalie's apartment, Photo Credit: Nathalie Smith
RB: What’s next for you? Any exciting plans coming up? NS: I just opened my uptown outpost, and am still becoming acclimated to juggling two stores - maybe more outposts in the future, in other cities. RB: What does fabulous mean to you? NS: Fabulous to me means confidence, harmony and fun.

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