Design on a Budget!

There is a statistic floating around out there (don’t quote me on this!), that something like only 1% of Americans can afford an interior decorator. My passion lays in helping others to create a home that they love and feel great about…afterall, Confidence Begins at Home™! I live to help my clients translate their personalities and goals into homes that they love, which is why I have made it the goal of Simplifying Fabulous! and my Design Insider column to translate my over 20+ years of design experience into content that will help and empower everyone to create home that they are proud of!

Simplifying Fabulous

With this in mind, we’re starting a four-part Design Insider series, Design on a Budget! Starting next week with a guide on where to begin, the series will cover creating a budget, putting the plan into action, and tying it all together:

Part 1: Who are You? What’s Your Style?
Questions to ask yourself before you begin.

Part 2: Budget? What’s a Budget?
Step-by-step: How to create your budget!

Part 3: Time to Shop!
Where to go to find great design on a dime.

Part 4: Final Touches, Pulling It All Together
Final Touches: The hunt is ON! Where to find great accessories.

As we begin, contact me with questions or suggestions on things you’d like me to cover. I want to help YOU create a home you LOVE!


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