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Translating Trends: Lovely Lace

Ever since Kate Middleton waltzed down the aisle in her show stopping lacy Alexander McQueen wedding gown, I've been noticing the feminine fabric everywhere! Attributed to the royal wedding or not, lace and lace-inspired designs have seen a recent resurgence in fashion and home design alike! The material is popping up in traditional applications (think lace doilies placed daintily under side table lamps and delicate lace throws draped across beds), as well as in the form of modern materials. Laser-cut and lace-inspired designs are beautifying everything from tables to walls, giving this classic look a modern makeover. Whatever application it is you prefer, you get a dash of new, mixed with the old. Here are a few ways to integrate this "best of both worlds" trend into your home now: Divine Dining Dainty white dinnerware, such as the Merletto dinnerware collection by ArteItalica, is the perfect canvas for your culinary creations. A vintage lace china pattern can add just a touch of elegance to your everyday dining, making every meal an occasion! Dress it up further with matching lacy linens or pair the settings with bold colored napkins and accents if you're looking to tone down the frill.
Merlatto | Simplifyingfabulous.com image via Arte Italica
If you’re a little more daring, this laser-cut steel café table from YLiving comes in a rainbow of colors. I love how the angelic lace-inspired design is brought back down to earth in a devilish bright red hue.
Y Living | Simplifyingfabulous.com image via YLiving
Bedroom Bliss To give your bedroom a little lacy love, add lace curtain, like this one from Anthropologie, to your windows. Create flirty layers to your bedding by adding a colored lace throw atop an existing white duvet, as seen here in the late Domino magazine. The dark color keeps it from looking too dated, giving it, dare we say, a sexy vibe (who knew lace could be so hot?!).
Anthropologie | Simplifyingfabulous.com image via Anthropologie
For a dramatic statement, line a bedroom wall or closet in lace-inspired wallpaper such as this design from Umbra. It’ll also look great in a powder room, especially paired with a lace cut bath cabinet, such as this one from Brocade Home. Stunning!
Brocade | Simplifyingfabulous.com image via Brocade Home
Accented Accessories If you want to add this trend in small doses, you have plenty of options for lace-inspired accessories. This pair of lace ribbon sconces from Target is great for those that want a subdued shout-out to the trend, while this lace pendant lamp from Room & Board comes in a sweet citron hue that screams Look at me!

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