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Tuesday's Trends: White Marble Drama

Hello Fabulistas! Marble is a design trend that's been around for ages. The ancients knew a good thing when they saw it! I've seen a dramatic resurgence lately in the design world and I love it. Here are some of the (many) ways you can use this sophisticated material.


from The Design Files

Chic Marble Tabletops Coffee table decor makes for some of the best Instagram snaps. It also ups the drama in all kinds of design settings. Here, white marble is beautifully styled with black and white items.


from Weekdaycarnival

Marble Chair Slipcovers

The premise of a marble chair sounds tremendously uncomfortable. Trust me... You can want to sit here! These creative slipcovers elevate these traditional chair silhouettes for modern rooms.


from Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman

Marble Coupled With Copper

Marble wainscot appears in lots of old pre-war New York buildings. It's so beautiful and versatile. Here, a pale pink and hint of copper bring out the character and veins. What a lovely seating area!


from NZ Design Blog

Chic Marble Bar Who would want to go out when you could sip your cocktails underneath this chandelier? Everything about this space reflects back natural light—including the beautiful marble bar. What a showpiece!


from D PAGES

See, isn't dramatic white marble a beautiful thing?! Did I miss any of your favorite ways to use the material? If so, please share the links in the comments below.

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