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Design Insider: Investing in Original Art

Hello Fabulistas! Filling your home with things that feel uniquely you should be your priority when decorating and curating your own personal art collection is one of the best most beautiful ways to achieve this. Original art always makes a home feel substantial. This is why I love to include it with clients' projects. Nothing quite tops off a room's look like an original piece! Here are some things I keep in mind for starting collections.


from Lorenzo Castillo

Daily Inspiration

The things that you fill your home with should recharge you every day. Your home is your personal space to set the course for the rest of the day before you emerge into the outside world. Inspiration can mean something different for everyone. Here in Nanette Lepore's cabin, the fashion designer surrounds herself with bright cheerful pieces to inspire her creative energy.


Nanette Lepore's Cabin from The Glamorai

Supporting Emerging Artists

Building your own collection doesn't mean going to auction houses and bidding on high-priced items. Look to emerging artists for pieces. You'll help a growing career and get a better deal on your art. This is a great way to work on your investment without making a big investment.


from Design*Sponge

Visiting Art Fairs

Going out and seeing what's available in the art market will help you better select pieces. Expose yourself to galleries and exhibitions you may not normally visit. You can read all about kinds of art and when you go to the art fairs, ask questions. There are amazing pieces to be found at the Affordable Art Fair, flea markets and crafts fairs. The important thing is that you find original art. It gives your home a special touch and helps the art community.


from Pinterest

Figuring Out What You Love

Ask lots of questions! You'll learn more about styles and mediums you favor, and make better investments in the future. This article from T Magazine shows how artists collect art and are inspired by their collections. It's a great guide to see what they see in other pieces, and how you can apply that to your own investments.


Kaws from T Magazine

Learning About Pieces

Ask questions about artists, art, and techniques. You don’t have to be an expert, but learning about the pieces you like can help you make informed art investments in the future. The more knowledge you have, the smarter you can be about starting a collection.


from The Decorista

Considering Art Forms

No set rule says that you have to stick to watercolors, sculptures, or any other type of art piece. And if there is that rule... ignore it! This is your collection. Fill it with what you love and speaks to you. You'll face it every day and it should recharge your energy! A collection can also be a decision to stick to one form, you can decide that you love African masks and start a collection.


from Look Linger Love

Do you keep anything else in mind while buying pieces on your art collection? Do you have questions about starting an art collection? If so, I'd love to answer your questions in the comments below!

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