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Tuesday's Trends: Neon Two-Tone

Hello Fabulistas! By now you may consider color blocking last year's news. But guess what... I've seen a trend emerging for two-tone neon pairings. They're the perfect shock of color for summer! Here are a few of my favorite examples of this lively trend. Voluptuous Neon Vases One of the best ways to play up neon is to pair it with a toned-down neutral. These saturated hues make a glamorous statement in these curvy vases. I'd love to see them as a table vignette as they're styled here, or they'd make beautiful hostess gifts.


from Pinterest

Diagonal Statement Door

This door's paint job is so unexpected and funky. It's startling... in a fun way! Painting an interior door is always an easy upgrade and this one makes a huge visual impact. Subtlety decadent wall casings really amp up the room's personality.


from One Kings Lane

Sustainable Neon Personality

I'm always on the lookout for new ways to use sustainable materials in my clients' homes. There are so many beautiful pieces of furniture using sustainable wood on the market. This neon pairing is a fresh, modern take that I'd love to use!


Phoss Bench from ABC Home

Dipped Hue Chairs

This yellow errs more on the side of pastel when alone, but it looks simply electric with this slate gray! It's amazing how color pairings can transform hues.


from Pinterest

Did I hit on all your favorite ways to use neon in two-tone pairings? If not, I'd love to see links to your favorites in the comments below!

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