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Simplifying Delicous: Top Picks for Fruity Mojitos Recipes

Hello Fabulistas! In the summer, nothing's quite as refreshing as a cold, fruity drink. Mojitos are one of my favorite summer drinks and this year I've found some new variations that I think will be a chic addition to any summer entertaining. Here are the delicious-looking recipes I can't wait to try. Blueberry Mojito It's the perfect time for blueberries right now... so you might as well take advantage! This delicious recipe relies on regular sugar, instead of simple syrup, for a fresh taste.


from The Novice Chef

Blackberry Perrier Mojito

Blackberries are another of my favorite berry. This drink sounds crisp and it's even topped off with some Perrier. It's summer ready!


from Redbook

Watermelon Mojito

It doesn't feel like summer until I've had some watermelon. It's such a timeless treat! So I love the idea of using it to change up a classic drink recipe.


from Camille Styles

Cherry Mojito

This especially fruity variation sounds like it's sure to please even those without a sweet tooth. It's summer, take a chance! Try something different!


from Christopher Cina

Ginger Pineapple Mojito

I love the extra zing that ginger gives any recipe. So this one sounds utterly delightful. And David promises that it tastes as summery as it looks!


from In The Kitchen With David

Let me know if you try any of these fruity drink recipes. I can't wait to start sipping on some of these mojitos!

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