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Tuesday's Trends: Mosaic Tile

Hello Fabulistas! The design possibilities are endless when it comes to mosaic tile. I've seen them in nearly every room and situation. This design trend has been around for ages and has fabulous staying power. Here are some of my favorite current incarnations of the tile work. Unique foliage look Artistic Tile is one of my favorite tile vendors. The selection is impeccable, including this Jazz Glass Foliage look. There's so much room for personalization with a mosaic design. A custom look like this conveys absolute luxury!


from Artistic Tile

Multi-dimensional kitchen backsplash

Nothing adds a visual bump out to a kitchen like an interesting mosaic backsplash. The varied colors create a much larger sense of the space, while pulling the different tones together from other kitchen elements. This kitchen is in an Upper East Side apartment, one of my all-time favorite projects.


from Robin Baron Houzz

Old world entry floor

One of my favorite things about tile mosaics is that you can create a one-of-a-kind pattern that isn't just made of uniform shapes. This floral motif elevates the stone walls and neutral tones of this expansive entry.


from Pinterest

Moroccan pool pairing

There's something about mosaic tile work paired with water elements that I adore. Perhaps it's because the adjacent water just makes the tile gleam brighter! This setting looks exquisite.


from Pinterest

Graphic (neutral) bath

A sculptural sink keeps the focus on the stunning walls in this bath nook. The graphic design highlights the interesting corners and turn.


from Pinterest

Rich penthouse wall

A San Francisco penthouse is rich on the details where they count with this stunning mosaic tile wall. It picks up the rich tones of the wood floor and kitchen cabinets in a beautiful way.

san fran


What's your favorite use of mosaic tile? Let's talk about it in the comments!

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