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Exciting Twists: Top Picks for Spiral Staircases

Hello Fabulistas! I'm always impressed with spiral staircases as graceful feats of architecture. They're so charming as they seem to float upward. It's hard to deny their appeal. In case you're not convinced, here are some of my favorite spiral staircases. Skyward Parisian spiral The base of the iron helical ETIKA stairs is stunning enough. However, if you see more photos of this project by Officine Sandrini, you'll see this sturdy architectural element reach skyward to a rooftop view of the Eiffel Tower!

blackfrom Archiproducts

Rustic approach The simple design of these steps channel the understated design of the room. Here, it's all about the architectural details and necessities, making the necessary design elements stand out for your appreciation.


from Toast

Reclaimed wood spiral

This twisting staircase of reclaimed wood lets climbers appreciate its beauty from all angles.


from Pinterest

Work of art spiral

I can hardly think of a better way to emphasize beautiful works of art than a flowing staircase rich with detail!


from Pinterest

Slight curve

Transluscent treads and walls keep this staircase minimal in this Manhattan duplex Jenny Dyer designed for herself and Theory designer Andrew Rosen.



Flexible stairs

This flexible design looks so modern with the minimalist decor and concrete ceiling. I love how the lack of a guard rail makes the treads seem almost organic.


from Pinterest

Within arm's reach

A compact iron staircase puts a wall of books within easy reach. Quite convenient!


from Pinterest

Muted gray elegance

Neutral gray emphasizes the ornate details in this outdoor spiral staircase.


from Pinterest

Rainbow reacher

This is about as bold as it gets when it comes to staircases. This is just one lovely element in a modern London home. (There's even a slide!)


from Dwell

Spiral staircases always add interest—and convenience—to a dwelling. Which of these nine staircases is your favorite?

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