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Tuesday's Trends: Glam Easter Eggs

Hello Fabulistas! I love to get into the holiday spirit, no matter what holiday! It gives me a great chance to flex my crafting skills and change up my home decor a little bit. Whether you need a chic centerpiece for a family Easter lunch, or just creating some glam eggs for fun, I found an idea that will work for you! Chic Sharpie I love taking quick shortcuts. It leaves a lot more time to be FAB! So why not start with the easiest on this list? All you need is some eggs and a Sharpie marker. This would be a great chance to come up with a patterned egg. Why not try buy a few colorful Sharpies and try out some other graphic patterns, like a flame stitch?

Sharpie eggs from Obviously Sweet

Colorful Bindings

Pastels are the dominant hues in Easter decor. However, if you think that Easter eggs should be bright and colorful, try out this thread-bound egg DIY. These eggs are so colorful and unique!

Thread eggs from Craftberry Blush

Kid-Friendly Watercolor Eggs

DIY is fun, but it's even better if you can get the little ones involved! If dunking eggs into coffee mugs of store-bought dye isn't your thing, let you and your little ones really flex your creativity by trying out these easy watercolor eggs.

Watercolor Eggs from Nest of Posies

Taped Design Eggs Hate getting messy when you DIY? These little eggs are so glam and easy! I love collecting patterned decorative tape to wrap presents and do other little crafty things. Here's another great way to get creative with it. What a FAB idea!

Tape Eggs from Lovely Indeed

Pantone Color Eggs

You could say that I saved the best for last, especially if you're a color nerd like me! I love anything that uses the Pantone colors, so I had to include these eggs on the list. They might take a little more time to create, but they're SO worth it!

Pantone Easter Eggs from How About Orange

What kind of glam Easter eggs are you creating this year! Share your DIY ideas in the comments section below!

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