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Lights, Please: How to Create Emotions with Lighting

Hello Fabulistas! Today I'm going to chat about one of my favorite topics, lighting. It can completely change the way a room looks. You know that lighting all four corners of a room is important! Here are others ways to get the most out of your decor with lighting: Use a central hanging fixture for a community feeling. Ever wonder why you see a chandelier or a pendant over a dining table? It brings more attention to the center of the room and urges diners to enjoy each other's company. You could just call it Entertaining 101.

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Use mirrors for an uplifting feeling. A well-lit space is a positive space. The Victorians knew this. Ever wondered why historically accurate Victorian-decorated rooms typically have a convex mirror? No electricity meant there was little lighting to go around. These mirrors maximized light in rooms. You can use this trick today by hanging a mirror opposite a window to reflect the natural light. Mirrored furniture also does the trick!

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Use an oversized fixture for a luxe feeling.

If it's in your budget, a giant, museum-worthy lighting fixture will make you feel like your room was made to be in a coffee table book! An oversized fixture isn't for everyone, but if that's your style, go for it! It's your home, make it yours!

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Use a rustic fixture for a homey, cozy feeling.

When it comes down to it, you want to feel at home. If you don't feel comfy, you should change things up! If all else fails, go for rustic. Even if farmhouse isn't your style, balance out a rustic pendant (like this one) with other comfy and modern decor, like those CHIC little vases on that mantel. Don't you just want to curl up in this room with a good book?

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Use sconces for an intimate feeling.

Lighting placement can be a quick fix for an open space that feels too spacious. Even if you're living in a large space like a converted warehouse, you want it to FEEL like an intimate, comfy space. Compartmentalize and cozy up parts of an open space by adding sconces to parts that you want to highlight, like a built-in bookcase.

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Need more lighting advice? Check out my tips for New York Magazine on how to brighten up an apartment!

Do you use these lighting tricks to create certain feelings in your home? What kind of feelings do you create in your space? Let's start the conversation in the comment section below!

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Neutral is only neutral in relationship to the rest of the space. Whether it’s a color, pattern or style, everything is affected by what is surrounding it