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Tuesday's Trends: Fab Fringe

Hello Fabulistas! Fringe was a major trend on the spring runways during Fashion Week and I can't get enough of it. It's by far the most FAB trim of all. Here are my favorite looks. fringe

from Terra Firma Home Houzz

Festive banner I love a good party decoration that's flashy and reusable. It makes throwing an impromptu party so much easier. banner

from Etsy

Funky curtain

I know, this design option may seem better suited for the 70s. But, hear me out! In small spaces--like NYC apartments--a fringe curtain can do the work of a wall or a screen while keeping things way more interesting!


from Pinterest

Decorative tassel

A tassel here and there can really make a room feel luxe when used the right way! The emerald green (the Pantone color of 2013!) of this chest of drawers makes the large black tassels pop and really stand out as part of the design. I also love tassels on the back of chairs.


from Inspired By This

Paper fringe

This is a much different kind of fringe curtain! This would be a really neat party decoration, or even some fab wall art in a creative office. It perfectly offsets the rustic table.


from Pinterest

Have you used fringe to add some fab touches to your home or wardrobe? I'd love to hear how you did so in the comment section below!

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