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Fab Friday: International Day of The Girl

Hello Fabulistas! I'd love for you to join me in celebrating the 2nd Annual International Day of The Girl! Mark this on your calendars for years to come because this is a global movement that has only just begun. day of girl So what's The Day of The Girl all about? It's about addressing the neglect and devaluation of girls around the world and doing something in response to stop it. It's about taking action and changing the status quo. I am all for this movement! Why I'm behind this Women have had so many advancements, but there's still so much more to do. It's also important to remember that basic rights like respect and education isn't always granted to girls all over the globe. It's our duty to uplift and help girls everywhere! What we can do Spreading the word about this great day for girls is the first step. It just proves the point that we need to think about girls' rights every day of the year! Let's change the way we think and uplift each other. We're all fab sisters! Check out the official Day of The Girl website for more info! How are you celebrating this day? Let's discuss it in the comments section below!

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