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Tuesday's Trends: Fab Bike Accessories

Hello Fabulistas! There are already so many people who bike around New York City and that number has only increased since Citi Bike started. With that bike-sharing program, it's hard to add a little personality to your short-term ride. But I'm always looking for ways to up the style factor. If you have a keeper on your hands, here are some fab accessories to really make it your own:

from Fashionista

Reflective bow

Safety comes first when biking, don't forget that! This chic little bow does more than add decoration. It also has reflection tape so it's easier for drivers to see you on the road. Don't give drivers the opportunity to not spot you!

from Etsy

Chic basket

A refined bicycle basket, whether it contains a cute dog like Audrey Hepburn's, is a must! I love that this vintage trout basket has been upcycled as a bicycle basket. It's the perfect size and latches to keep your things stashed and safe inside.

from Etsy

Colorful bell

Speaking of safety, a bike bell will let pedestrians know that you're coming. It's also another chance to accessorize! The geometric pattern on this bell makes a fab statement while making it easier for you to find your bell on your bike.

from Poketo

Bicycle Diaries

The musical artist David Byrne has been riding a bike since the early 80's and is a big supporter of urban bike-sharing programs. So it would only make sense that he share his bike-riding adventures, right? He wrote a book about exploring New York City and other cities while on tour. Read it and get inspired to explore on your own!

from EcoVelo

Did I miss any chic bicycle accessories? What accessories do you use on your own bicycle?

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