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Stylish Bookworm: Top Picks for Chic Bookends

Hello Fabulistas! Accessories are the key to adding personality to your space. The easiest way to dress up your space are by adding fab pieces to your bookcases. I love to fill my bookcase with books that represent me. With a few chic bookends, you don't even need a bookcase. You can turn almost any surface into book storage. Here are a few I love. Jonathan Adler porcelain bookends Jonathan Adler makes some wonderful pieces for the home. His bookends will fit almost any style! The porcelain pieces are available in a variety of animal figures, and all are in classic white. The owl bookends are my fave! Chic bookends

from Jonathan Adler

The vintage bicycle If you have a very modern home and you're looking to add vintage pieces, bookends are the best way to do this. You can find actual vintage pieces at local stores, or pieces with a vintage look on Amazon. This vintage bicycle bookend set is delicate and makes a statement! Chic bookends

from Amazon

Lena bookends I adore these modern bookends! They are designed by Alan Wisniewski and have a high gloss finish, giving them a sleek look. These will work well if used on an open shelf or table, too!

from PlushPod

Bendit bookends These Bendit bookends are more than just bookends, they're an art piece for your shelves! They bend and curve between shelves and between books, and can can be adjusted to fit your space. The pressure keeps the bookends in place and gives them a sculptural look at the same time. Chic bookends

from Utility Journal

Botella bookends Wood and other natural elements are a fabulous way to warm up a space. These Botella bookends are made of solid acacia wood, shaped into bottles at different heights. The curves of the bottles are a fabulous way to soften up a space! Chic bookends

from Umbra

I could go on and on about bookends! Which of these are your fave? If you want to see more of my faves, Tweet or Facebook me. I'm happy to share!

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