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Tuesday's Trends: Entranced by Tapestry

Hello Fabulistas! One major trend of NYFW for Fall 2013 was tapestry. (Don't you love this Timo Weiland RTW look?) Now that it's finally fall, I can't wait to incorporate this time-tested treatment into my wardrobe and designs! It may sound a little stuffy, but trust me, it isn't!

from The Cut

Tapestry pillow with gruff

Don't think that just because I talk about Paris all the time that I can't admire British style, too! The Union Jack looks a little pop art-y to begin with and this take, with a bulldog, just feels right.

from Etsy

Tapestry effect tile

I'm always awed by how art tile can completely transform a space. This clay tile gives the wall here the effect of a rich and vibrant tapestry. If you're looking for a custom wall finish, this would be a fab bet!

from Filmore Clark

Chic tapestry purse

You could say that some handbags are truly works of art. I'd argue that about most of them! This delicate purse is simply chic. I would love to track one down just like it!

from Pinterest

Handmade tapestry

This piece of wall art lands on the rustic end of the tapestry spectrum. You can't recreate that texture with a machine. I adore Etsy and love supporting artists on there. Plus, this piece is one of a kind!

from Etsy

Are you feeling this fall tapestry trend, too? How would you use tapestry finishes in your home or wardrobe? Please let me know!

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