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Design Study: How To Create a Homework Area

Hello Fabulistas! I adore back-to-school time. It's a fresh start and a brand new year! I like to clean up spaces during this time so kids can start the school year off right. Creating a studious homework area is important so kids have a fab place to hang out and work in after school. Here are some tips on setting up your kids' homework area for success. Make it appealing No child wants to hang out in a boring homework area! Create a space that's appealing to you and your kids so they want to spend time there. Fill it with colors your kids love, and some of their favorite things, like artwork, their initials, or mirrors.

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Organize it A cluttered space simply won't be used. Fill the study area with labeled bins or containers so your kids can easily find everything they need. Don't forget to leave a little room so the kids can put things away and be able find them later.

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Plan ahead I work best when I know what's happening in the future, and kids are the same way! Install a calendar on the wall or keep sticky notes nearby so kids can take notes. I like to install a dry-erase board or cork board so kids can tack things they need for projects and assignments in the future.

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Make sure it's well-lit A well-lit home is a happy home! It's best for kids to study in a brightly lit space so they can see their work without straining, and concentrate without feeling groggy in a dark space. The kids will appreciate it as much as you do!

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Get rid of distractions I like to avoid distractions in kids' areas so they can really focus. Move the TV to another area or find a way to cover it during study time. Kids need the computer for their homework, but they don't always need their iPhone or iTouch. When you remove disctractions kids can finish up their work quickly.

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With these easy tips you'll be able to create a study area for your kids within minutes. Where do your kids like to do their homework? What are their biggest issues when completing work?

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