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Tuesday's Trends: Design by South-West

Hello Fabulistas! I may live in NYC, but I have a major thing for all things southwestern style right now. I've seen geometric patterns, rich neutrals and anything else under the sun that fits into the trend everywhere lately. Here are just a few of my fave looks:

from Houzz

Southwestern cabinet This cabinet is gorgeous already. Those carved details on the drawers reminds me of the sun and ties in with the theme. What a fab piece of furniture!

from Robert Cavas

Desert vase

This is one of my favorite vases in the Shop Robin part of my site! The waves of color look like they're in motion. I can't help but be reminded of ripples blown by the wind in the desert. Who needs a colorful bouquet when you start out with a fab vase like this?

from Shop Robin

Antique Silver Cuff

I love to support up-and-coming designers. I've found so many pieces of jewelry recently from designers I didn't know about before via Pinterest and other places on the Internet. The jewelry brand 2Bandits definitely has the southwestern style down to a T. It's so hard to pick just one piece that I adore!

from 2Bandits

Coyote bookends

I love all kinds of bookends. They're such a versatile piece of decor. Plus, if you're pressed for space, you can transform almost any flat surface into a bookshelf. I'd much rather encounter these festive bookends than the animal they're modeled after!

from Wolfum

Vibrant pillow

The easiest way to cash in on this style trend is to buy a pillow cover like this one. I love its vibrant ombre colors and interesting design. Remember, pillow covers are even better than pillows. They're so much easier to store!


Have you hopped on the southwestern trend bandwagon too? How would you use these pieces in your home?

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