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How To Make (Or Fake) Floral Prints

Hello Fabulistas! Bringing floral patterns into your home is a great way to extend summer into the upcoming fall season. While I love using floral prints, I also love using real flowers, preserving them and using them in unique ways throughout my space. Today I'm sharing my favorite ways to use real, and not so real, flowers in my interiors. Flower Applique The quickest way to bring floral prints into your space is by using applique techniques. I like to find gorgeous floral appliques and put them on accent pillows. This helps me dress up my sofas and chairs in a snap. You can use any pattern and color for your applique fabric, so you can incorporate florals into your room perfectly. How To Make (Or Fake) Flower Prints

from Better Homes and Gardens

Pressed Flower Luminaries I adore candles. They light up a room in a very soothing way. After all, a well lit room feels happier! Using pressed flowers is a fabulous way to bring the outdoors in and dress up plain luminaries. You can use flowers, ferns and other foliage to create the look to best match your space. How To Make (Or Fake) Flower Prints

from Mother Earth Living

Pressed Flower Coasters Another fabulous way to use pressed flowers is by creating coasters. I love personalized coasters, especially when entertaining. My guests appreciate the special details I've incorporated into our events, and the coasters add color and texture as well. The coasters are easy to make, so you can make several to match your tabletop! How To Make (Or Fake) Flower Prints

from Martha Stewart

Pressed Flower Art If you've used pressed flowers in your coasters and lighting, you're now an expert! Another place I like to incorporate florals is in my artwork. I like to pick seasonal flowers, press them and frame them. I also love to hang my pressed artwork in forgotten nooks to spice up the space! How To Make (Or Fake) Flower Prints

from Lowe's

DIY Floral Print with Paint Sometimes I like to use floral print, without the actual flowers. You can create a gorgeous modern floral print with a little paint and aluminum foil. I like to use this on tablecloths, napkins and pillows. If you're feeling a little daring, you can incorporate this print into your clothing too, like on your shirt collar. How To Make (Or Fake) Flower Prints

from Daily Candy

I'm going nuts for floral after all of these ideas! I'd love to know, what's your favorite way to incorporate floral prints into your space? Do you like applique, paint or pressed best?

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