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Tuesday's Trends: Copper

Hello Fabulistas! I've been in love with metallics for quite a while and my current favorite is copper. The buffed sheen is my new go-to for adding a bit of glamour to a room. tub

from Pinterest

Copper globes

Lighting is everything! There's no use in creating a fab atmosphere if it isn't lit well enough to admire. These globe lights are chic and magnify any light in the room. I can see these over a pedestal table or in an entryway.


from Tom Dixon

Copper candle houses

I never thought I'd need candle houses, but aren't these fabulous? I adore surrounding myself with candles. They help me relax and create ambience. These would make some interesting house-warming gifts and conversation pieces!


from Muubs

Copper leaf bowl

One of my favorite ways to use metallics is to give regular objects an interesting peek of sheen. This bowl with copper leaf inside would look fab on a tabletop! The copper just makes the fruit on display that much more special.


from Cox & Cox

Copper shelf IKEA hack

I'm always amazed by what people can do with basic pieces. These IKEA pieces were transformed with some copper leaf. They look so special!


from Domaine Home

Is copper your current favorite metallic, too? How would you like to use it in your home?

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