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Shine Bright: Top Picks for Metallic Backsplashes

Hello Fabulistas! Right now one of my favorite trends is copper, but I haven't quit on other metallics. They're a fab way to elevate your everyday interiors. I've noticed lots of metallics in kitchens lately—and not just in stainless steel appliances—they're popping up in backsplashes, too. Here are some of my favorites. Glowing copper The reflective backsplash nestled amongst large-scale white kitchen cabinets is just one fab aspect in this kitchen. It plays off copper pans hanging along another wall and the polished teak-topped kitchen island. (It's well worth clicking the link below to see the full kitchen tour!)


from Traditional Home

Gleaming stainless steel This tiled backsplash is a play of patterns of light. I imagine it would brighten even the smallest of kitchens with gracious natural light.


from HGTV

Dimensional bronze tile If you shy away from anything too metallic, a tiled backsplash like this one will make it easier for your eyes to rest. These bronze-toned tiles are subtle on the sheen and capitalize on the interesting shape.

bronze from Pinterest

Rustic tin tile Mismatched pottery, various dishes and the tin tile backsplash create a cozy country kitchen feel in this nook. I especially love the tin tile look in small doses. It helps you appreciate the patterns more!


from Waterside Cottage Styles

Pieced-together tiles Metallic is one of my favorite textures. These varied tiles—in both color and shape—create some seriously glam texture blocking. The abbreviated height creates some balance in what would otherwise be an overwhelming design.


from HGTV

Pebble tiles One thing I never tire of is mimicking nature's patterns with manmade materials. These tiles remind me of pebbles or river rocks. In this metallic finish they're simply stunning and create a balance to the angles in the kitchen!

pebbles from Pinterest

Vertical pearl A pearl finish reflects a great deal of light without upstaging the distressed cabinets. Their vertical orientation of the tiles would help create more visual height in a small kitchen. No one said that problem solvers couldn’t be fab!

vertical from Sublime Decor

Fluted metal A kitchen's backsplash and vent hood are two opportunities to get creative that shouldn't be bypassed. Here, the texture makes the commercial-style appliances feel a little more personal. This is on the more masculine end of metallic backsplash range.

fluted from Limestone & Boxwoods

Understated matte A neutral country kitchen may not be the right setting for a gold tiled backsplash. This subtle, seamless piece makes a statement without stealing the show from the hanging utensils and gorgeous pottery.


from Inspiration for Decoration

Shimmering focal point A monochromatic kitchen always needs a little dash of interest. The streamlined cabinets in this one blend in with the walls, making the sink, appliances and mostly, the metallic tiled backsplash, the focal points.

shine from Pinterest

Which variation of the metallic backsplash do you love the most? Would you consider one of them in a kitchen makeover?

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