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Top Picks: Sophisticated Wall Decals

Hello Fabulistas! Have you tried decorating with wall decals yet? I'm really interested in them because it's a quick way to fab up your space. You can easily apply them and change the look of your room in seconds! The trick is finding the right decals for your space. I found some fabulous sophisticated wall decals that I'll be using soon. World Maps Maps having been trending for some time now. But instead of the typical framed map, I'm going to mix it up a bit. I love this modern world map decal. It highlights the world's most populated cities by using enlarged circles on the map. If you need a larger size it can also be customized. Amazing! Sophisticated wall decals

from Etsy

Something for the kitchen Decorating your kitchen and eating area can be difficult. I try to find artwork that is upscale and chic, but screams kitchen and food at the same time. When I saw this decal, "Bon Apetite", I fell in love! It's absolutely fabulous, especially placed over this dining area! Sophisticated wall decals

from Etsy

Frames Using frames is a fabulous way to define a space. And there are several things you do with them. This frame decal can sit empty as its' shown or be filled with several pieces of framed artwork and photographs. This simple decal has so many possibilities, you can easily make it your own!

from Etsy

Monograms I love making my space feel like home, by adding touches of ME. Monogramming pillows are an easy way to do it... personalizing walls is even better! There are several companies that will create custom decals for you, using your initials and your name. You can change the color and font depending on your look.

from Etsy

Wallpaper replacements I love using wallpaper, but don't always want to spend the time or money installing it. Using large decal prints you can recreate the look of wallpaper. This tree decal is a great example. The scale is large enough to run the entire height of the wall. With just a few trees you have created a custom wallpaper! Sophisticated wall decals

from Etsy

There are several options for sophisticated wall decals. They key to installing decals is to find something that fits your space and look of your home. Are you interested in installing wall decals? What look suits you best?

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