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Tuesday's Trends: Secret Storage

Hello Fabulistas! When you live in cramped quarters, (like many New Yorkers), you're constantly thinking about new ways to be sneaky about storing your stuff. But secret storage spots aren't exclusive to apartment dwellers. I'm always looking for new and creative ways to stash things away for my clients. Here are some of my current favorite ideas.

from Pinterest

Sofa beds

I know, they sound like such a tired concept, don't they? Well, I spotted this bright little number in a kids' room setup at the IKEA 2014 catalog launch event a few weeks ago and fell in love! Even though it was geared toward kids, I thought it would be great in a smaller apartment. No worries about storing an air mattress or extra bedding!

from IKEA

Faux library

I adore the personality and intimacy a well-curated library brings to any interior. However, this faux book front storage compartment is simply brilliant!

from Tom Howley

Storage LEGOS

We're all familiar with the tiny building blocks that are easy to lose, until you stop on one barefoot. This supersized version is a bit tougher to lose and can even keep you from losing things! ROOM COPENHAGEN teamed up with the iconic block brand to create these stackable storage containers. How cool would these be in a kids' room?


Expanding table

It seems like every day I'm coming across some innovative furniture design. This is one of those finds that I knew I wanted to mention on the blog. The "Un-Tidy" table was created by Milan-based designer Kostantia Manthou. The storage may not be as "secret" as in the other things I've highlighted here, but I just love this concept!

from DesignBoom

Did I miss any clever ideas or products you use to store your things out of sight? Please share them in the comments section below!

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