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Top 10 Reasons to Follow Blogtour in London

In exactly one week I'll be packed up, ready for my red eye to London to join a handful of other North American bloggers as we set out on Blogtour 2011. Our mission? To capture and share the inspiration, trends and buzz surrounding the London Design Festival and all of it's surrounding satellite fairs and events! Our gracious organizer and sponsor Modenus has just reported that the buzz surrounding our trip is huge! In only three weeks, our group and it's sponsors, have made over 8 million online impressions. Still not enough to pique your interest to follow along on the adventure? Well, then...I give you my top 10 reasons why YOU should follow Blogtour 2011:

London: Big Ben and London Eye at Night

10. For visuals like this from The London Poster Exhibition

9. You've never been to the world's greatest museum of art and design! 8. You have an iPhone and are equally obsessed with browsing design photos on instagram. (Follow Simplifying_Fabulous for artsy photos of pretty much everything I'll be doing/seeing/eating in London) 7. For the outfits that will be rocked at the Design Junction's PechuKucha afterparty 6. These people have a lot of smart and interesting things to say; these people aren't so bad, themselves. 5. For up-to-the-minute tea time updates that may or may not be attempted in an Austin Powers-style British accent. Yeah, baby! 4. You didn't know bath tubs could be so beautiful 3. To discover how to live a life less ordinary 2. For an "overheard at Sir Terrance Conran's headquarters during a private dinner" Twitter stream 1. Travel is inspirational. Combine travel+ one of the world's busiest/coolest/most influential design festivals?! Fuggedaboutit. Follow along on Twitter (hashtag #blogtour2011), Facebook, Instagram, here, there and everywhere!

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