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Fashion Underfoot

West Elm offers a gorgeous array of eco-friendly accessories and furnishings, and their coveted designer collaboration collections are no exception. The company’s venture with textile, clothing and interior designer Allegra Hicks resulted in this Printed Harlequin rug, made of hand-woven natural jute, a highly sustainable material. Jute is 100% bio-degradable and totally recyclable...so green and so gorgeous! West Elm | Simplifyingfabulous.comHicks’ design is nature reinterpreted—the geometric, graceful pattern is based on her own watercolor studies of raindrops; the colors are inspired by the colors of early autumn in Italy, where the designer was born. Her inspirations produced a design and color scheme that is soothing and simple. This rug would add a touch of tranquil color to a relaxing master bedroom retreat or a peaceful bath (jute is naturally water-resistant). West Elm | Simplifyingfabulous.com If the pattern or hues won’t jive with your interior design, you don't need to look far. West Elm offers a whole bunch of other eco-friendly rug options...One of them is sure to suit your space! Keeping it green with jute, there are bouclés in a range of neutral hues as well as chenille herringbones and braided versions. One of my other faves is their recycled denim jute rug. Tres fashion forward! West Elm | Simplifyingfabulous.comI love the idea of taking a fabric that may have lived a past life, such as jeans or upholstery, and reimagining it. The use of recycled fabrics often yields some very innovative and interesting pieces. It’s a little Project Runway, isn’t it? And if you need help fitting your chosen rug into your room, check out this helpful link, which gives you the scoop on furniture configuration and how to choose what size rug you need for different arrangements. From an eco-friendly selection, a range of colors, patterns and textures, and a cheat sheet on fitting it all together in space, West Elm has got your floors covered!

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