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Top 10 Home Essentials

Whatever your decor style is, there are some things every home must have...so I put together a list of my top 10 home essentials! These are the things I try to achieve for my clients, to make their houses really feel like homes. When I design spaces, I try to incorporate everything on this list to really bring out the character of the space, all while showcasing the characters of my clients. 1. Fab Bedding First on the list, fabulous bedding. A good night's sleep in a comfortable bed is so important. It'll keep you going through a busy day and help you stay relaxed and focused. Good bedding is something I always invest in...and so should you! Robin Baron Design Source: via 2. Fab Towels An elegant set of towels, for me and my guests. A luxurious towel or bath sheet (great Christmas gift, btw!) is the perfect end to the perfect shower. For tips on how to pick the right towel for you, take a look at Good Housekeeping's guide. 3. A Fab Lounge Chair A comfortable lounge chair. Whether you are curling up with a good book or Facetiming a friend, you MUST have a fabulous chair to relax in. Robin Baron loves a comfortable chair Source: via 4. Fab Art Art brings a space to life. You can choose between photographs, paintings, or even empty frames. Find something that represents you because as I always say, to find your own fabulous, there's no better place than your home (or your walls!). 5. Fab Candles Candles are the perfect accessory to transform a cool room into a warm oasis! They create a cozy ambiance and really set the mood. Whether they are colored or white, candles add an instant touch of glam to your decor! Robin Baron's home essentials: candles Source: via 6. Fab Vases A crystal vase. I love buying flowers for myself... and I love getting them from someone special! My favorite part about decorating with vases is that you can mix and match them to create your own fabulous vignette...no flowers needed! Accessories in your home are so very flexible, and you can really express your personal style when you think outside the box! 7. Fab Cocktail Sets The perfect cocktail set...need I say more?! You never need a reason for a good cocktail, and of course, if you're going to have one, it should be made right. Right?! Robin Baron's home essentials: A good cocktail set Source: via 8. Fab Lighting Lighting is SO important! When I work with my clients, I always try to light all four corners of a room. Well-lit rooms just feel happier! I love using different styles, shapes and sizes of lamps...it's all about mixing and matching, and really having fun with your decor! 9. Fab Mirrors A large mirror. Mirrors make your space look larger and more elegant. The most important thing here is the frame...I believe that accessories are the jewelry for your home, and a fab mirror can really make a statement! Robin Baron's home essentials: a large mirror Source: via 10. Fab YOU The last point on the list...something you love. What's a room without that one piece you can't live without, that brings back memories and has YOU written all over it? It's your home...now claim it! What's on your list of home essentials? I'd love for you to share with me so leave a comment below or share with me on Twitter and Facebook!

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