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Through My Eyes: Lighting for Exterior Entertaining

Hello Fabulistas! I hope you were all able to do some fab outdoor entertaining this weekend. I did! All that time spent outside reminded me that I wouldn't have been able to entertain in the dark if it wasn't for my smart outdoor lighting setup. Remember, an entertaining area outdoors is like an extension of your living area. Sometimes it's tough to figure out how to light up your outdoor living space. Here are some of my favorite tips for choosing an outdoor entertaining lighting scheme:

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Placement determines activity

It's only natural for your guests to flock to the light when you're entertaining outdoors, so simply place the lighting in places where you want people to sit. Don't let a fab, unlit table setting go to waste! This gorgeous chandelier keeps the focus on this table setting, day and night.

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Create ambience

You always want to create a flattering light, no matter the room in your home. If you can't look and feel fab in your own place, something needs to change! Candlelight is also very flattering, so I like to use that when I know the gathering will be centered around a table. It's very romantic, but also lovely for friendly gatherings.

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Use portable lanterns

One of my favorite easy lighting addition is lanterns. You can find all kinds of great variations at every price point. Plus, they're great to take inside to serve as centerpieces and other decoration! Adding a few decorations to an outdoor area like this make it feel more like a living space. Here, the lanterns placed a long a wall make this setting even more cozy.

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Add some whimsy

There's nothing formal about outdoor entertaining, so why not capitalize on that and have a lot of fun with it? Some less-formal lighting, like these string lights that are hung in a zig-zag pattern will make guests feel relaxed and ready for fun!

from Houzz

You might have noticed that all of these photos came from Houzz. Check out my Houzz and explore for lots of fab decor ideas! What's your favorite outdoor lighting setup?

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