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Fab Friday Icons: Liberace

Hello Fabulistas! To kick off the beautiful (and hot) weekend, I wanted to highlight the style of someone who's very popular right now, Liberace. The new HBO movie starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon called Behind The Candelabra has lots of people reexamining the legend's over-the-top style. You know I can appreciate some fab style!

from The Telegraph

I think it's safe to say that Liberace embodied the word "fabulous"! He was always meticulously dressed and wowed everyone with his talent and showmanship. I already have a deep love for metallics and glitter. Watching the new movie made me want to embrace everything that sparkles!

from TIME

I always say to make your space your own, and Liberace definitely did that! He designed his own piano-shaped swimming pool. He was dedicated to his art and that was reflected in all aspects of his life.

from We Heart It

Each one of Liberace's performance ensembles seems like a work of art. He was a true entertainer and I'm thrilled that people have a reminder to appreciate him again.

from Wired

Have you watched Behind The Candelabra yet? Do you love Liberace's fabulous trademark style as much as I do?

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