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Through My Eyes: Back To School Design

As an interior designer, style is always of the utmost importance…but as a mother of two my kids ALWAYS come first! At this time of year, I am running around getting my kids ready to go back to school and of course this means getting their “back to school” supplies.

However, as a designer, I am thinking about how to inspire my kids to do their homework and excel in school…all through loving their environment. I have learned the best way to do this is to create a special space within your home, just for kids and created with your kids, where they can concentrate on work while having fun. Here are some of my ideas to help you get started! 1. Always keep COLOR in mind! Fun, vivid colors will make your kids feel like their study room is a place they can happily escape to. Try a nice playful rug to liven up your space! If your children are anything like my daughter, they will love reclining and reading in a comfy egg or bubble shaped chair. Just go with bold accent colors to add your child’s own style and flair.

2. Incorporate your children's interests into the furniture. For instance, if your son enjoys baseball, purchase a comfy baseball bean bag chair! Freshen up the room with colorful modern furniture that you and your children will both enjoy. Shelving is a great way to get creative. If your child is a fan of skateboarding, they will love these funky shelves to rest their books and school supplies!

3. Turn up the tunes! As distracting as it may seem to us, some kids love to listen to music while doing school work (like my son). Incorporate what helps them focus into the room’s décor. Make the room fit their personality with a nice sound system and fun design! These cool iPod dock stations come in different styles and colors on speakal.com.

4. Encourage creativity. You want to create a space that makes your children focus on school without feeling like they are in school. Try wall paints that can turn a wall into a magnetic board or chalkboard that your kids can write on.


PB Teen has adorable colorful and patterned tiles that can be arranged into boards for your children to post their work and schedules in style. This would make a great addition to a study area and is available in patterns for both girls and boys.

5. Add accessories. They are important additions to any home décor, and it holds true here. Everything from notebooks and folders, to magnets can add stylish flair to a study area. Find patterns that rock your kids’ imagination!

6. Keep things in reach. When designing a work space for kids, remember that your kids may not be as tall as you! Everything should be accessible to your children and at their eye level, not yours. Even a hook to hang their jackets on or a cork board to post their homework should both be within their arms reach. I know my kids can be a great source for design inspiration, so listen to what your kids like, and your end result will be fabulous! Happy "back to school" shopping!

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