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Through My Eyes: Addicted to Attics

Oh Fabulistas, it's time we embraced our attics! Attics are all too often either misunderstood, easily dismissed, or forgotten spaces. But, they can be valuable and re-discovered, if looked upon with a new perspective. They need not be old, musty or scary parts of your home.

Attics give you the rare opportunity to create light and airy spaces by easily adding skylights and other interesting windows. You can also use the unique angles of the attic in unexpected, creative ways. airy attic If you look at your attic as another room, an opportunity to expand your home, and not simply as storage space, your possibilities are endless! It's all about thinking out of the box (or the attic)...literally. If you're ready to become addicted to your attic, here are a few things you to be aware of:
  • Make sure access to your attic is easy and safe. Confirm that your stairs are wide enough, not too steep, and are also inviting. It's important that you enjoy making the trip up the extra set of stairs!
  • Your creativity may be guided by your budget, so think about how you would really use the space; consider what it will add to you and your family's lifestyle.
  • Think about what's missing in your home and create a space that adds something important or special enough that everyone will gravitate to the top floor.attic as music room
  • Your attic needs to be well insulated so the space is comfortable all year long, so don't forget to bring up the heat and air conditioning duct work.
attic bathroom Photo Credits: OneKinDesign.com on Pinterest, Interior Designable, Architecture and Design

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