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How to: Spruce Up for Spring

Although Mother Nature just delivered a thick blanket of snow (and ice! and rain!) to us Fabulistas of the Northeast -- Spring, quite literally, is right around the corner! At this time of year my design senses start to tingle, edging me on to freshen my space and release some items on to their next design destination (donating, upcycling, etc.) I’m really enjoying the clearing out that’s starting to take place – and the new ideas that are coming along with it. There’s something about creating room for the new that I always look forward to. Sprucing Up for Spring If I had to guess, you’re probably feeling the same; the urge to try something new. An accent wall. New pillows. Re-imagining lighting. The possibilities are endless…which could present a bit of a challenge if you try to make too many changes too quickly. Design overhaul can quickly turn into design overwhelm, if you don’t follow these steps:
  1. Change easiest items first. Sometimes when we want a shift, it’s the little things that make the greatest impact. Think swapping out accent elements like throws, accessories, pillows and lampshades.
  2. If you’ve done that and you want to go further, now’s the time to look at changing out window treatments and/or small furniture pieces like end tables, occasional tables or ottomans.
  3. Decided to go for the gusto and paint an accent wall? Then, you might want to test out a few shades before committing (I’m HEAD OVER HEELS with Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year, marsala!) and be sure to paint the correct wall. Generally, the accent wall is the wall you see first when you enter a room.
It doesn’t take a lot to give a space a new meaning and a new look. Start small and allow yourself to “scale up” to the larger projects and you’ll be just fine. Once you’re done, share a pic of your own brand of fabulous with me on Instagram by tagging me and showing me what’s new. I’ll take a look and let you know what I think. You can do it! Photo Credit: La Maison Interiors

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