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The Trends You Can’t Live Without in 2021

Happy New Year, Fabulistas!

I am always inspired by new trends. This year, I’m particularly excited about the visual energy sprouting up across the design landscape, from gourmet plating in the kitchen to curated home office spaces.

As we spend all our time at home these days, I’ve put together ideas to touch up our spaces with 2021’s most in-demand trends. You’ll see these trends all over the internet, and I want to give you an in-depth look and guide you in how to make them yours.

These ideas can be incorporated into your home in just a few steps. Every trend has significant color palettes connected to it, which is why I’ve paired each one with one of my signature Color Ways. I’ve also given you a sampling of products that can help you actualize the design trend that speaks to you most. Here’s to a fresh year and a fresh home!


Japandi style design

Neutral color palettes are always important, and they’re something I’ve been fusing into my designs for years. Simple shades and shapes can often pack the biggest punch.

Japandi is a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design approaches that focuses on sleek lines and soothing interiors. Japandi utilizes natural woods and earthy tones to bring a lightness to any space. Even if you’re not ready for a full Japandi-style room, a few accents here and there can bring a renewed sense of calm to your home. A haven for modern minimalists, this style is the perfect respite for the overwhelming world. It’s sure to bring more zen into your 2021… something we could all use more of.

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Mindi Wood End TableSymmetry Table LampMarseilles Marble and Wood Picture Frame


Color Ways Palette: Gold Glow


Color Ways Gold Glow Color Palette


Robin Baron Design Central Park Pied a Terre

Make your own gallery at home! If you take your video calls in the kitchen, stacking your shelves with bright and beautiful decor and accessories is a must for the hundreds of Zoom calls destined for the new year. Let your imagination run wild with your favorite colors and textures and make your shelving into its own masterpiece.

Floating shelves are popping up everywhere. One piece can completely elevate a space. How you style your shelves is important... use vases, bowls, and kitchenware and consider the colors, sizes, and placement of each. Create a vignette using various pieces that work well together. Perfect for Zoom calls, a new layout will offer a rich, inviting backdrop for any and every type of call. And when we can all finally be together again, it’ll be even more stunning in person.

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Venus Bowl    Rose Orb Set
Verde VaseOle Vase, Footed
Elevated Earth Tones Palette


Robin Baron Kitchen Design

 In a time when we’re all sharing our kitchen creations online, presentation has never been more important. Being at home, we have a moment to relax and admire our labors of love in the kitchen before diving right in to enjoy them. Slow cooking and slow living have become immensely popular, and so has a more thoughtful, creative way to present them. Whether it’s a decadent family dinner, a newly tested cocktail, or a beautifully presented dinner for one, you deserve to treat yourself. 

Today the kitchen is more than a place to work… it’s a place to play. From charcuterie boards with beautiful landscapes of cheeses, meats, fruit, and nuts to breakfast boards decadently smothered in luscious avocado toasts, the possibilities are endless. To top off a perfect spread, you’ll want to match it with an equally sleek and eye-catching serving plate. You can also spruce up your kitchen space with a large bowl or vase to hold utensils, dry goods, or fresh fruit. Now that you’re spending more time in the kitchen, kick it up a notch!

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Himalayan Pink Marble Round Serving Board.   Moderna BowlGalant Tray Set

Color Ways Palette: Moody Silver


Colors Ways Moody Silver Palette



Robin Baron At-Home Office Design

Working from home has inspired many people to branch off and start their own business, brand, or side hustle. Over the last year, at-home office spaces have changed, from offering fully stocked mini kitchens to transforming the spaces into Zoom Rooms, like the one I recently designed for the Seasonal Living Magazine Virtual Designer Showhouse. Working from home not only saves time, it can offer a quiet space for brainstorming and reflection—a far cry from the 9-5 workplace.

Like I always say, “If you don’t take a chance, you don’t get one.” I am proud to call myself my own boss and live by my words. My “Robinisms” have guided me throughout my work and my life… and I hope they help to guide you too. To be your own boss, you have to root yourself in your deepest beliefs and values. That’s why I took yet another leap of faith in my career and launched my brand new e-commerce site just before the holidays. The biggest risks often yield the biggest rewards, and those risks have yet to disappoint me. Inspiration begins in your personal space, so set yourself up for success.

Shop the trend:

Classic Champagne Desk      Safi Gold TraySomme Blue Marbled Copper Water Bottle With Cup

Color Ways Palette: Tranquil Teal


Color Ways Tranquil Teal Palette


Robin Baron

Manifesting has been a part of my daily routine for many years, and as I’ve said throughout my entire career: “Confidence Begins At Home.” In the age of Covid-19, nesting has become more essential than ever; in both your personal and professional life, a comfortable space that resonates with you, keeps you happy, calm, and balanced. People are getting more and more innovative with making their space at home cozy and fresh with home re-designs and light touch-ups. This is your year to get creative with it!


Shop the trend:


Santino Table LampPhoenix PillowHuangdi Bronze Pillar Holder - 3 Sizes


Color Ways Palette: Vibrant Coral


Color Ways Vibrant Coral Palette 

No matter what your goals are for the new year, head into 2021 with positivity, determination, and fearlessness. This all begins at home, so use these first few weeks to plan for a space where you feel your best. If you need help, I’m always available for advice by the hour, by the room, or for full service design. Feeling good about your home allows you to go out into the world with confidence!



Jan 13, 2021

Japan’s I! I love it! Beautiful color palettes too, reminding that spring is coming!

Carla Bast
Jan 11, 2021

Great ideas. Be your own boss is my favorite trend:) I like the Tranquil Teal color palette.

Mary Ann Benoit
Jan 11, 2021

I love these trends to embrace for 2021. I especially love Japandi. Wishing you all the best for this new year!

Sheri Bruneau
Jan 11, 2021

Such a timely and beautiful post! Love your tips.

Lisa A Peck
Jan 11, 2021

I love the call to positivity, determination, and fearlessness! Happy 2021 to you, Robin!

Janet Lorusso
Jan 11, 2021

Really enjoyed this post and all of your inspiring ideas, You have truly given us ways to up our game in 2021!

Amy Wax
Jan 11, 2021

I hadn’t read about the JAPANDI trend, Robin, but I love all things Japanese, and have actually been watching Japanese house cleaning videos on YouTube over the Christmas vacation!

Thanks for the great info!

Happy New Year.

Leslie Carothers

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