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Summer Scorcher Survival

Casa Natalia by Agraz Arquitectos Casa Natalia by Agraz Arquitectos
Fabulistas, Prepare your home for hot summer days…we've had some scorchers in NYC! Plan on keeping you and your home refreshed by using these simple guidelines:
  1. Install solar shades like Phifer’s Sheer Weave in the sunniest part of your home or office space. They look great and keep your home cool by blocking up to 95% of the summer's dangerous UV rays. They’ll also keep out the glare while keeping your beautiful view in the daylight!
  2. Apply transparent film as an alternative to shades on your windows. Like solar shades, they block harmful UV rays, yet give you the flexibility to leave a bare window or add elegant window treatments without the distraction of a shade. I like to work with Huper Optik because it rejects up to 99% of UV rays and 96% of infra-red heat! For very strong areas of sunlight, one option is not enough. Layer your windows with both solar shades and film for the best protection and cooling benefits!
  3. In older homes, use panels on either side of your windows. Make sure you line and interline them to keep cool air in and warm air out.
  4. And of course...make your favorite iced tea and keep it ready in the fridge! I adore homemade Rosehip Hibiscous Tea, chilled, with lemon and mint!
How do you beat the summer heat?

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