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Dreaming of Daniel

Fabulistas, Did I ever tell you about my experience at Daniel in NYC? It was truly one of my favorite dining experiences and I’ve had quite a few! This restaurant was elegant and beautiful with a contemporary flair. Instead of eating in the main dining room, I ate in the upstairs bar area which was a bit more private and romantic. I always love eating in the areas that are a little bit different like at the bar or in a lounge. I expected great food, but I didn’t expect an entire vegetarian menu (I mean, literally, a separate menu handed to you in addition to their regular menu) that had the same option for a full three, or seven, course tasting! That’s impressive for an upscale, fine-dining establishment, something I certainly couldn’t find when I was really strictly veggie!


The best part was, of course, dessert (not pictured because I was too busy enjoying it!). They had an entire section, one half of the dessert menu, with chocolate options…and they didn’t even have to hire me to consult on that! One of them was a variation of warm chocolate cake, my absolute favorite. As if that wasn’t enough, though, there were two more dessert courses that followed as part of their “normal” dinner presentation. Can you blame a chocoholic like me for loving this restaurant so much? I can go on and on, but suffice it to say, if you ever have a special occasion…and I do mean special…this is the place to go!

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