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Stunning Drapery and Bedding for Project Design 2014 for Ronald McDonald House of Long Island

Hello Fabulistas! What can I say…JAB Anstoetz has astoundingly interesting and luxurious fabrics! I knew as soon as I saw their Soleil Bleu fabrics in Rosita and Atlantis, I had to use them for my Project Design 2014 bedroom suite. The windows were the perfect choice for these stunning textiles because they made a bold statement while balancing the layers of patterns in the room. These embroidered fabrics make me happy…and happy is exactly what I was going for!



JAB was more than generous by donating the fabrics for the window treatments, but their generosity didn’t stop there...they also donated the fabrics for our window seat pillows, Soleil Bleu, Aline in Color 020 and Color 030. Mixing patterns is an art, and I just love the way all of these fabrics look together.


JAB is a German family-owned business with luxurious fabrics in a wide range. Luxe is the word that comes to mind when you see their Carlucci di Chivasso fabric, which we used in the color Mount, for the removable headboard I designed as part of our custom beds. Thank you JAB for all that you contributed to helping me create such a special and wonderful room...all for this fantastic cause!


It's always important to choose the right fabric, but it's equally important to make sure that you have the right workroom fabricate the window treatments. Window treatments are critically important...they can make or break a room, so I rely on Robin Feuer of The Ruffled Window to fabricate many of my drapes, shades and bedding for my clients.

photo 3(3)

Robin, and her company, are one of the top-notch, high-end "secrets of the trade" and was one of the first people I called when I heard I was selected as one of the Project Design 2014 designers. By now the process is second nature to us, I find a fabric and design the treatments, and Robin does what she does best…create impeccable drapery and bedding, paying attention to every detail. I can always count on Robin for creative solutions for any challenge. She is a pro with a big heart, and I always appreciate her support. Check out the two Robins working together, what a power team!

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The star of the bedding in the suite is the fabric itself. Vanners, Vannners, Vanners! I can’t say enough about Vanners! They were extremely generous by donating the fabric for the bedding and pillows...but they didn't just give us fabric... they offered to custom weave a one of a kind fabric especially for the room. They were enthusiastic about working together, so they created the unique Merletto custom stripe fabric you see for the coverlets on the beds, as well as the coordinating Merletti fabrics in Spa and Sorrel for the pillows.


Vanners is a 250-year-old British company with a pedigree of exceptional work in silk weaving and home accessories manufacturing. I wanted my room to stand out...and stand out it does thanks to Vanners and all of my generous vendors. Much like Fromental, who created custom hand-painted wall coverings for my suite, Vanners helped me create a very special room for the families staying at Ronald McDonald House of Long Island.


I hope you’re as inspired as I am…so inspired that you’ll make your last-minute donation before the gala on Thursday, Oct. 9. It’s also not too late to buy your tickets to the gala! I hope you come and celebrate this great cause with me.

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