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Simplifying NYC: Top Picks for Best TV/Movie Apartments

Hello Fabulistas! I was watching a movie the other night that featured a few fabulous NYC apartments. When you see these places you don't realize that although they are gorgeous, they're not always realistic spaces for New Yorkers. However, we don't care, we love the escapism. That's why we watch film, isn't it?! Here are some stunning TV and movie apartments I adore. Carrie Bradshaw's Apartment When I think of stunning NYC apartments, I immediately think of Sex And The City. Every space on that show was gorgeous, and a little outrageous! Realistically, Carrie could not have had a ridiculously large walk-in closet in a studio on a freelance writer's pay. But hey, who cares?! I love her apartment anyway, especially the renovated blue version.

from Mirror Mirror

Don Draper's Digs When Don's latest apartment debuted it made a big splash! For the time it was sleek, modern and very chic. The brown on brown blew me away. In true Mad Men style, the space was made for entertaining, with a bar in the sunken living room. Best NYC TV/Movie Apartments

from the LA Times

Gossip Girl's Set Every space on Gossip Girl was extravagant, in a good way. I would LOVE to live in any of these well-decorated spaces. They are spacious and actually livable! While I can't get enough of each room, I think Lily van der Woodsen's living room may be my fave. Best NYC TV/Movie Apartments

from InStyle

Jerry Seinfeld's Apartment Jerry's apartment in Seinfeld was pretty astounding. I remember the episode when an apartment in his building was going for $400 a month. $400 for all this! The layout is a great example of a typical NYC man's space, (complete with lots of cereal), just a little neater!

from Apartment Therapy

Breakfast at Tiffany's This space was one of my fave movie apartments. The movie Breakfast at Tiffany's was fab--even though it was pretty different from Truman Capote's novel--and I really did want to live here. I adored the curved sofa in the living room, dressed in white, pink and purple. So chic! Best NYC TV/Movie Apartments

from Interior Picnic

There are so many more TV and movie sets I want to share with you! It's exiting to see a character's personality through his or her home, don't you think? Which is your favorite NYC apartment?

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