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Product of The Week: Turbulence Mirror

Hello Fabulistas! I've been working on a project recently that has required me to pick out some creative mirror options for a client. She wanted lots of mirrors in her space, specifically some with a major dose of personality! I was thrilled to hear--and fulfill--her request. Sometimes it's so easy to buy things for your home because you need them, rather than want them. Mirrors are definitely an essential. Facing yourself in a mirror before you face the day gives you an extra boost of confidence. I say it's only appropriate that mirror is a fab one! This has to be one of my all-time faves. The Turbulence Mirror is chic, edgy and modern, all at the same time! The word "industrial" gets thrown around a lot in design talk these days. However, what's more industrial than waves of metal?! I can see this making a fab focal piece above a side table in an foyer, or over a distressed wood fireplace mantel. It's sure to be at home with wall art and warm tones.

How would you love to style this mirror in a space? Share your ideas below and let's start a conversation!

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