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Simplifying NYC: Top 10 Most Beautifully Designed Hotels

Hello fabulistas! New York City has a large design presence and some of the most gorgeous hotels in the world. I never get to stay in the rooms because I live here, but I do enjoy their fabulous lobbies, restaurants, and bars! Being in beautiful places makes me so happy, and I'm so lucky to have these gorgeous hotels so nearby. As always, it's hard to narrow my favorites down but I had to try. Here are 10 beautifully designed hotels in NYC! Andaz Fifth Avenue Andaz on Fifth Avenue opened recently, but became very popular very quickly. It's subtly designed with classic pieces, and a mix of blacks, browns, and metals for a sophisticated look. The Bar Downstairs seats 80 people and has an open kitchen. Even though that sounds large, it's quite cozy! Andaz Fifth Avenue, NYC

Library at the Andaz

Gansevoort Park Avenue I love the Gansevoort brand. The hotels are chic, well designed, and everybody wants to be there. If you're looking for a FAB night out in a great scene, the Gansevoort is the place to be. Even though I like both Gansevoort locations in NYC, (Meatpacking and Park Avenue), the Park Avenue location draws me in. I think it's because the pool area is a little bigger than the Meatpacking location...it's great for parties! Gansevoort Park Ave, NYC

The pool at the Gansevoort Rooftop

Gramercy Park Hotel The Gramercy Park Hotel is SEXY. Because it's so sexy it attracts all the celebs! What I love about it, though, is that it's a modern take on a traditional, luxurious look. It holds artwork by Andy Warhol, and Jean-Michel Basquiat. It was designed by artist Julian Schnabel in 2006, and is still trending today. That's huge in a city where things fall out of fashion quickly! Gramercy Park Hotel, NYC

The lobby at the Gramercy Park Hotel

Duane Street Hotel When I want to have a calm, relaxing evening I always head to the Duane Street Hotel in Tribeca. It's has a hidden gem with a restaurant called Mehtaphor by one of my favorite chefs, Jehangir Mehta. The food is delish, and it's a great place to meet with friends and catch up! Duane Street Hotel, NYC

The restaurant at the Duane Street Hotel

Crosby Street Hotel If you're looking for something that screams New York, but with a burst of color and personality, then you MUST visit the Crosby Street Hotel. Located in Soho, it's a neighborhood gem. It has a fab library, screening room, and film club, and a gorgeous terrace. My favorite thing about Crosby Street is the afternoon tea! Crosby Street Hotel, NYC

The bar at the Crosby Street Hotel

The Standard Hotel I always have a fabulous time at The Standard! It has two locations, one in Meatpacking and one in the East Village. While I love the Biergarten in Meatpacking the East Village has a more relaxed vibe, which is more my style. I have to tell you, my favorite thing, which is in both locations, is the wallpaper with creative little sketches on it! The Standard, NYC

Wallpaper at The Standard

The Smyth Hotel The Smyth is so fab. Did you know the Kardashians stayed here?! Located in Tribeca, it's very New York. It has walnut panelling and chrome details, which make everyone who walks in swoon! Paired with the green sofas, the bar at the Smyth has a great vibe. It's fab for meetings! The Smyth, NYC

The bar at The Smyth

The James Hotel Very close to both The Smyth and the Duane Street Hotel is The James Hotel. In addition to its gorgeous rooftop, The Jimmy, The James has a restaurant that is to die for! It's home to both David Burke Kitchen which also has an outdoor garden area. It's gorgeous and obviously the food is delish! The James Hotel, NYC

The lobby at The James

The Mondrian Soho The newly opened Mondrian Soho was designed by fabulous New York designer, Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz. The Mondrian is unlike other New York hotels, it's more like a fantasy! It's sparkling, charming, and full of COLOR! One space is entirely red, another green, and another blue! It really touches your senses. Mondrian Soho, NYC

The lobby at The Mondrian Soho

The Bowery Hotel I couldn't end the list without naming The Bowery! If you've ever been inside you'll know why. When you walk in you feel like you're in a palace! It's so romantic, it's definitely not something you'd expect to find in downtown Manhattan. The Bowery, NYC

The Bowery Hotel

Don't you just want to visit all of these places right NOW?! I do! Which NYC hotel do you love the most? What about in your town, which hotel has the best design?

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