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Multi-Personality Decorating: How To Mix and Match Styles

Mixing and matching is so important...not just in design, but in fashion, too! I like to mix up my spaces the way I mix up my wardrobe. Sometimes my outfits need a different color shoe, or a fabulous chunky necklace. The same is true for interiors spaces! Sometimes we need an eye-catching lamp or a patterned rug. It's all about mixing and matching! So, how do we do it? Everything shouldn't match. That might sound a little odd, but if you think about your favorite spaces you'll realize that everything doesn't match! I make sure that my side tables are a different style from my sofa, which is also a different style from my club chair. Why? It adds visual interest! You'll know what works...pay attention to your GUT reactions. Mix and Match

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Pick one bold pattern. Once you've picked your bold or large pattern, build on it! Everything can't be the boldest, so pick your favorite, and then pick smaller patterns or solids to accent the bold pattern. It's just like your outfits...if you're wearing a large patterned top you won't wear a large patterned skirt too, right? Mix and Match

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Create balance. Great design is not always about symmetry. It's about balance. If you have a tall piece of furniture, balance it with something shorter. If you have a bold pattern, balance it with a solid. If you have a chunky piece of furniture, balance it with something slender. Play with this until you get it right. You'll KNOW when it's right! Mix and Match

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Mix pieces from different time periods. If you have a modern room, throw in a few traditional or ethnic pieces. This helps the space feel lived in and comfortable. When you walk into a space that's designed with only one time period it feels too "decorated". Don't be afraid to mix it up, that's what design is all about! Mix and Match

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Play with color. Don't be afraid of color! You can create spaces that are in shades of one color...add pops of color...or be brave and paint your walls a bright, bold color. Play with it, and make it yours! Do something unexpected and claim your style! Mix and Match

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Your home should represent you, so you must create your own fabulous! What are your favorite mixing and matching tips? How do you mix and match in your home?

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