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Simplifying NYC: Great Gatsby Style Hangouts

Hello Fabulistas! I'm just dying to The Great Gatsby! The scenes and outfits look so extravagant and elegant. When I see period films I leave the theater wanting to live in that time period and visit the places the characters visited. Does that happen to you to? I'm prepping for the movie by listing NYC's Great Gatsby style hangouts. As soon as I leave the theater I'll be stopping by these spots to try and stay in the moment! The Plaza This is an obvious choice, as many scenes in the movie take place at The Plaza. The Plaza was an icon in New York City in the 1920's. It also happens to be where the novel's author F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda stayed often. I'll be popping in for a cocktail after the movie! The Plaza NYC

from The Plaza

Bathtub Gin Bathtub Gin is a speakeasy styled around the 1920's. In the 20's hidden speakeasies were popular due to the prohibition and Bathtub Gin is a great place to relive the moment. Waitresses are dressed in flapper garb so you will really feel as though you're in the 20's! This place has a cute feature, bathtubs in the bar! You can sip your drink while sitting in a vintage bathtub. Bathtub Gin NYC

from Bathtub Gin

The Dove Parlour When you walk into The Dove Parlour you notice the red velvet wallpaper, the gold molding and romantic lighting. The candlelit fireplace is a fantastic detail that completes the look. I can just imagine the Great Gatsby characters in this space! The Dove Parlour

from The Dove Parlour

The Auction House I adore The Auction House! It's filled with velvet sofas, frame chairs and gorgeous chandeliers. The red velvet drapes and gilded mirrors make you feel like you're actually in the 20's. All you need now is a fabulous outfit! The Auction House NYC

from The Auction House

The Clover Club The best day to visit The Clover Club is Wednesday. On Wednesday nights you can find live jazz which, when combined with the wooden bar and wooden ceilings, makes you feel...alive! The Clover Club

from The Clover Club

Listing all these gorgeous places makes me really want to see the film! Are you feeling that way too? What will you be doing after the film? Will you be visiting any of these fabulous places?

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