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Design Focus: How To Create An Outdoor Room

Hello Fabulistas! If you're lucky enough to have outdoor space, you've probably thought about creating an outdoor room. I love being able to sit outdoors to read, enjoy a meal, or entertain friends. Outdoor spaces allow you to enjoy the beautiful weather in a fabulously designed room! I've put together a few tips to help you create an outdoor room of your own: Define the space If you're creating your outdoor room on a deck, patio, or grassy area, you'll have to define the space. You can do this by creating walls or a border. You don't actually have to put up walls, you can use large objects like planters, vases, or screens along the edges of your space, or at all four corners. Use whatever fits your personality to define your space, to make it feel like your own. How to create an outdoor room

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Plan your seating The world is your oyster when planning your outdoor room. Figure out how you'll be using the room and plan your seating accordingly. If you prefer a lounge area, you can fill the space with sofas, chairs and chaise lounges. If you'll be using the space more for dinner parties, use a large dining table and chairs. How to create an outdoor room

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Add a rug I love adding rugs to my outdoor rooms. They add so much character! This is also a great way to bring color and pattern into the space if you don't have walls to paint. Because the space is open, you'll have so much more to work with, and you can pick bright, bold colors! If your space is on grass, you may want to think of an alternate rug using wood slats or stone.

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Light your space

I like to light all four corners of a room. Well-lit rooms feel happier. You can do this outdoors, too! Place floor lamps or table lamps throughout the space to light your outdoor room. If you have a pergola you can hang lights as well. Use your imagination and make your space feel like YOU! How to create an outdoor room

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Accessorize your space Don't forget the final touch, accessories! Accessories and artwork are what makes a space feel like a HOME. Add accessories like pillows, throws, plates and candles. Add and subtract pieces until your room is exactly the way you imagined. These final details are very important! How to create an outdoor room

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Creating an outdoor room is very easy to do, and having one makes a huge difference in your life! I love having a space to relax in while enjoying a warm summer breeze. I'd love to see pictures of your outdoor room while its being created and the finished product, too. Please send them over @robinbaron so I can have a peek!

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